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Until Now It Has Been Difficult to Safely Protect Drivers and Their Passengers

Airbags Are Designed by the Car Manufacturer to Deploy Only When Needed to Assist in Preventing Serious Injury

The new DEPLOY SAFE®seat covers are the latest innovation form Ilana Accessories and are designed to allow the seat covers side seams to split open upon deployment of a seat airbag.  This is because they are constructed using a unique computer controlled stitching process and a specialised thread.

The unique DEPLOY SAFE®stitching is used on both side seams of the the front bucket seat covers.

DEPLOY SAFE®seat covers will allow airbags to deploy correctly where the airbags are located within a car seat.

DEPLOY SAFE®sets a new standard in the quality and safety of airbag safe seat covers.

Ilana Accessories Pty Ltd will also provide a DEPLOY SAFE® registration booklet that will record your purchase of the standard integrated side compatible seat covers.


Frequently Asked Questions Answered By Ilana

How Does Deploy Safe Work?

Deploy Safe Seat Covers are constructed using a computerised controlled stitching process and a specialised thread that allows the side seams to split open upon deployment of an airbag.

For more information please refer to our Deploy Safe section on their website.  Ilana’s detailed FAQ Page is here.

Have Deploy Safe Seat Covers Been Tested? Are the Seat Covers Guaranteed to Deploy?

Yes, Deploy Safe has been tested by a world wide recognised automobile testing laboratory that is headquartered in Australia and Europe. Deploy Safe products have passed all their tests.

After extensively testing this new technology, Ilana is fully confident in its operation according to world standards. Quality and safety issues are very important to Ilana.

Have Deploy Safe Seat Covers Been Tested on a Car Like Mine?

The testing was done on a “test group” that took into account different seat sizes, different mechanisms of integrated side airbags and different external factors such as weather, temperature etc.

Deploy Safe was tested on an integrated side airbag mechanism very similar to the one in your car seat.

How Long Is the Deploy Safe Guarantee Valid?

Ilana gives the same time of guarantee of the operation for its Deploy Safe seat covers as on its normal range of seat covers being from 1 to 5 years depending on the seat cover product.

Please check your packaging for guarantee details.


Locations of Airbags in a standard car.